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Bespoke Babynests, Toddler Nests and Feeding Pillows - carefully made by hand. Our items are slow made and we hold a small range of ready-made stock. Custom Orders welcome!

At Little Miss Paisley, every stitch tells a story of love and dedication! Our handcrafted babynests are more than just a cozy sleep space – they’re a testament to the artistry and care that goes into every detail. Each babynest is lovingly crafted by a skilled artisan,  ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. From selecting the finest fabrics and unique prints to hand sewing intricate designs, our babynests are a labour of love from start to finish. With a personal touch in every stitch, our babynests offer not only comfort but also a unique and special touch for your little one’s sleep sanctuary. Experience the difference that handmade craft and care can make, shop our range of babynests and more today!


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womb-like sleeping beds for newborns

A babynest is a pod-like nest, cot insert, baby lounger and co-sleeper baby bed that can be used from birth, right up to 12 months. It resembles the womb in the way it encloses baby in a close and secure manner, helping your baby to sleep soundly. Our design opens up at the bottom so baby can keep growing, while still being snug in the Babynest.

A babynest is a cozy, cushioned sleeping pod designed to mimic the feeling of being in the womb for newborns. It typically consists of a “mattress” area surrounded by soft padded high edges to provide a snug and secure environment. Investing in a babynest can be advantageous for new parents for several reasons. Firstly, it promotes safe sleeping practices by providing a confined space that reduces the risk of baby wriggling around unsafely. Bbaynests can aid in soothing fussy babies by providing a familiar and comforting environment. It promotes bonding when cosleeping with your baby. Having your baby within arm’s reach allows for easy comforting, feeding, and interaction during nighttime awakenings. This fosters a strong sense of closeness between parent an child.  Additionally, it’s portability allows parents to keep their baby close by, whether at home, visiting friends or travelling. Furthermore they serve as versatile accessories, useful for tumy time, lounging, playing, o transitionng to a crib. Overall, a babynest is a multifunctional investment that offers comfort, safety and convenience for both babies and their caregivers. 

“My son loooooved his Babynest, and now it is being used by his new cousin! It has become a Keepsake in our family!”

Monique Malander

“I got my Babynest as a baby shower gift, and I could not have done without it! My boy is now 8 months old, and still sleeps in his Babynest. It also goes with him when he stays over at Grandma and Grandpa!”

Maryke de Klerk

“I received the most beautiful leaf print babynest as a gift from one of my besties, and it was such a life saver! My little girl is a contact sleeper and refused to sleep anywhere but on me for the first couple of weeks. The only way I could get her to sleep anywhere else was by putting her in her little nest next to me. We then got to move the nest to her co-sleeper and we all get a good night’s rest now!”

Lianti Coetzee

“Can’t thank you enough for our Babynest! Our boy is much happier making his transition from Moses basket to Cot in this. Also excellent for travelling and day napping on the sofa. Why I didn’t buy one before now, I’ll never know?! They are made so well, thank you so much!”

Gemma Gardner