Toddler Nest CUSTOM MADE



Featuring the larger version of the Babynest, specially made for older babies (8-12 months +) and Toddlers.

Made to order, 2-3 weeks lead time, once funds have cleared

The Toddler Nest measures 1.35m long x 75cm wide in total, with the mattress area 95cm x 40cm.

HOW TO ORDER: Have a browse through the Fabric Catalogue in the shop section, then once you have an idea of your styling needs, choose your Main Fabric and Reverse Fabric with your Trim option (there is an additional trim option if you want pompoms, lace or crochet – if you just want the plain trim, then just select “no extra trim thanks” from the dropdown menu), and place your order. If the fabric you saw in the Fabric Catalogue isn’t available in the dropdown here, then that means there isn’t enough available in that specific fabric for the Toddler Nest. If you have any special requests, please contact me prior to placing your order. You can have the same print on both sides, or two different prints on either side, which would be a special request. Just check with me about fabric availability and I can confirm your request before you place your order online.

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The Scandinavians have been using babynests for their baby’s to sleep in for decades, and it is becoming more popular all over the world. If you had a Babynest for your little baby, I am sure you know how great a tool it is in helping your baby nap during the day and sleep at night. Why not continue that great help as they grow older, and need a bigger, but still cozy, space to sleep in their cots. They fit perfectly in the standard size cots and will give your 1 year old more space, but still provide that snug, safe space baby has been used to. It is also a great way for your toddler to transition from the cot into their own toddler / big kid bed? The built-in, air-permeable bumpers act as bed rails, and give them a snug sense of security in their newer, bigger beds. It is also very exciting for them to park their Toddler Nests in other rooms of the house while enjoying some TV or reading a book. The best lounger!

The Toddler Nest isn’t a must-have, but boy, will it help your little one sleep better and in return help you sleep better! Just like the Babynest, the larger version works in the same way: Pull the cords in to make the babynest snug and cozy for your older baby to feel the edges around him, or act as a cot-bumper by having the protective barrier, and keeping them from hitting their heads or limbs on the cot bars, waking them up unnecessarily. Then as baby gets older, pull the cords loose to make the nest open fully, by removing the cord stopper and ribbon, and open up the bottom legs of the Nest. It is a great travel-buddy or day napper around the house or on visits to friends and family.

The Toddler Nest measures 1.35m long x 75cm wide in total, with the mattress area 95cm x 40cm.

Lead Time: Our handmade quality Toddler Nests are made-to-order and takes roughly 2-3 weeks to complete.

It is greatly recommended that once your older baby can sit up, and explore to use the Toddler Nest on it’s fully open size, with cord stopper and ribbon removed for safety and avoiding choking hazards. Never ever leave your little one unattended with the cord stopper and ribbon in place. Always keep an eye, and use common sense when using the Toddler Nest.

It has multiple uses that include the following:

+ It can be used as a cot insert, making the open space more snug for baby.

+ It can help ease transition from the cot to their big kid / toddler beds, by giving them a snug sense of security in their newer, bigger beds 

+ The Toddler Nest can help with safe co-sleeping, minimising the risk of suffocation, if you still have your toddler nap or sleep with you in your big bed.

+ Light and foldable, making it convenient for taking with when travelling or visiting friends and family.

+ The Toddler Nests is a great companion for your toddler to chill out in and around the house while enjoying some TV, reading a book, or having a little nap.


This babynest is handmade with the utmost love and care, and features the following:

+ 100% natural fabrics, soft and safe for baby’s skin.

+ Where possible OEKO-TEX will always be the first option of fabrics to use.

+ Edges have been filled with breathable, hypoallergenic 100% Polyester Hollow Fibres.

+ Constructed in a smoke-free home.

+ Overall shape & size is very flexible and can be regulated by tightening/loosening of the cords.

+ Can be used from 8 months old and up.

+ Mattress is quilted to ensure it stays in place and avoids lumping and bunching of inner fabric.

+ Machine washable at 30°C on a gentle cycle.

+ Can tumble dry at a low temperature on a gentle cycle, but we recommend flat-dry or hang dry, as product’s quality will last longer if it is handled more gently.

+ Removable cord-stopper and satin ribbon for safety reasons.

+ Hand crafted with the utmost quality and precision with double stitched seams.

+ Reversible design, making it easy for you to use whichever side you prefer, and changing it up for a fresh look.

Safety Standards and Quality Control:

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 135 × 75 × 20 cm
Main Fabric

African Tiger Jungle, Baby Giraffe, Baby Zebra on Grey, Baby Zebra on Sand, Black, Blue, Blue Medallion Shwe Shwe, Blush Pink, Crisp White, Dainty Florals on Black, Flamingos, Grey, Grey Haringbone, Grey Leopard Print, Magenta Pink, Mustard, Navy, Olive, Pink, Polka Dots on Grey, Polka Dots on Wheat, Rust, Sand Haringbone, Sand Leopard Print, Soft Blue, Soft Pink, Stars on Sage, Stars on Wheat, Unbleached Cotton, Wheat, White, Yellow, Baby Lions & Cheetahs, Baby Wild Animals

Reverse Fabric

Black, Blush Pink, Grey, Grey Herringbone, Grey Leopard Print, Magenta Pink, Mustard, Olive, Pink, Rainbow Lines, Rust, Sand Herringbone, Sand Leopard Print, Soft Blue, Soft Pink, Unbleached Cotton, White, Yellow

Trim (Binding)

Beige, Black, Blue, Grey, Macrame Style Binding, Mustard, Navy, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow

Additional Trim

Cream Anglaise, Cream Crochet Lace, Macrame Style, Magenta Pink Pompoms, Mustard Pompoms, NONE, Scalloped Crochet Lace, Soft Grey Pompoms, Soft Pink Pompoms, White Crochet Lace, White Pompoms